FuzzYard Jelly Bears Collar

FuzzYard Jelly Bears Collar

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Fuzzyard Dog Collar (Jelly Bears) is a popular dog collar made with fashionable fabric, covered in stylish prints — let your dog be the trendiest dog in dog town!

Featuring thick cushioned webbing, Fuzzyard Dog Collar (Jelly Bears) just made your dog’s daily walk a lot more comfortable.

Fuzzyard Dog Collar (Jelly Bears) can be easily attached and secured to your dog’s leash with a firm die-cast attachment ring, so you can now effortlessly get your dog ready for his walk!

Available in a variety of splashy designs, find the perfect Fuzzyard Dog Collar that best suits your dog’s personality.

Fuzzyard Dog Collar (Jelly Bears) is coated with your favourite childhood sweet, a must have accessory for all candy lovers!

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Material
Collar: Neoprene with nylon webbing.
D-ring: Stainless steel.
Buckle: Plastic.

Product Dimensions
Small: Length 25-28cm, Width 15mm.
Medium: Length 32-50cm, Width 20mm.
Large: Length 50-60cm, Width 25mm.